Goodmans Office + Culture

To help show entrepreneurs the effect an office space has on productivity, Keyser is shining the spotlight on organizations who place a high priority on their company culture. Today’s feature is on Goodmans, the largest office furniture dealer in the Southwest and one of the top three largest Herman Miller dealers in the world.

The Goodmans culture is one of independence, creativity and service. They embrace change and encourage innovation. To support their culture, the Goodmans environment is open with an abundance of private areas in varying sizes to accommodate impromptu touch down chats as well as large group meetings.

In this post, we’ll highlight some of the unique aspects of the Goodmans culture, as well as showcase their unique LEED-CI certified office space.

Welcome To Goodmans

Goodmans Reception Area
The Goodmans work environment was designed intentionally to foster collaboration, focused heads-down work as well as formal business meetings. This flexibility allows each team member to customize their day and work in a space that is appropriate for each activity. The ability to change their environment to fit each task keeps Goodmans employees inspired and creative in their approach to customer needs and the solutions they bring to the table.

Goodmans Quote Sitting Area
“The most important thing in a room is not the furniture – it’s the people.” This sentiment runs true at Goodmans.

Goodmans Parking Lot Good People

Goodmans Grand Avenue Bar
When Goodmans first started it’s business in Phoenix sixty years ago, it started on Grand Avenue. Today, the bar at Goodmans pays homage to it’s roots by naming it the Goodmans Grand Avenue Bar.

Goodmans Canvas Area
Flexibility is everything. The right space for each activity empowers team members to do their best work which directly translates to better customer care.

Goodmans Employees
Goodmans is a third generation owned business. A picture of the first two generations is made up from pictures of employees that have worked at the company over the last sixty years.

Goodmans Family Room
Everything has a colorful, vibrant feel in the Goodmans Family Room.

Goodmans Furniture

Goodmans Visitor Station
Place where visitors can post up and get some work done.

Goodmans Parlor Room
Goodmans Parlor Room.

Goodamsn Informal Meeting Space
Several informal meeting spaces exist throughout the organization.

Goodmans Skylit Hallway
Natural light permeates through a hallway halfway through the building.

Goodmans Awards On Beam
An exposed beam celebrates the accomplishments that Goodmans values the most: Best Places To Work, B Corp Certification, BBB Business Ethics and National Dealer Of The Year awards to name a few.

Goodmans Vision
Goodmans vision statement.

Goodmans Mission Values Vision
Goodmans Vision, Mission and Values statement written by President & CEO, Adam Goodman.

Goodmans LEED Certification
Great story about Goodmans commitment to connectedness – one of it’s core values.

Goodmans Living Room

A unique feature at the Goodmans Showroom is their Living Room. Adjacent to the entrance and furnished with Classic Eames pieces, this space not only puts people at ease which is critical for collaboration but the experience often changes the way Goodmans guests think what is possible in the functional business environment.

Edward and Anna Goodman
The story of Goodmans is the story of their family, beginning in 1931 when Edward and Anna Goodman opened a furniture store below their apartment in Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood. When someone wanted furniture, they rang the Goodman’s bell, and Edward, Anna or one of their two sons came down and opened the store.

Edward moved the family to Arizona in 1954 due to severe case of asthma and started shipping furniture from back East. Learn more about the Goodmans story here.

Goodmans Chair
There are no shortage of chairs when you visit Goodmans.

Goodmans Good Power Charging Station

Goodmans Flowers

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