About Me

& My Personal Commitment to Service

I believe my commitment to service began during early childhood. Growing up, my parents consistently told me to treat others the way I would like to be treated. I strive to embody those teachings in my daily life. The feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment I get when I am able to help another person with a task or idea is unmatched, especially when I know I played a role in helping them to achieve their success. I am passionate about providing an unmatched service to every person I come into contact with, whether this be in my personal or professional life.


ASU – Bachelors in Business and Minor in Sustainability


Kappa Sigma Fraternity

My "Why Keyser"

I believe that happiness in life only comes when you are truly selfless in your actions, I also believe that selfless service is the only way to conduct business as well. I feel very fortunate to have found a company that aligns with my own moral compass in Keyser. Right away, I could tell that everyone is a part of this company truly believes in it’s core principles and as a result, it has an amazing and unique culture.

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