Scott German


About Me

& My Personal Commitment to Service

A great reputation is hard to achieve and retain. However, it’s also very easy to lose. Reputation is what drives my single focus for both my clients, myself and my team. It is imperative to be your client’s ultimate advocate without compromising anyone’s reputation or integrity. Work harder and smarter than everyone in order to achieve your client’s goals


Licensed Broker Real Arizona Estate


NAIOP, The Phoenix First Tee

My "Why Keyser"

Keyser is the leading Tenant, Buyer, User, Occupier, Consumer advocate in the Commercial Real Estate business. To work with the entire team at Keyser is an opportunity that is not presented to everyone, I am honored to have that chance. More specifically, to be a member of the laser-focused Digital Information Systems team lead by Michael Ortiz is an opportunity that I could not pass on. With the commitment to client-first service and the deep talent pool to tap into, working at Keyser is the place to bring first in class talent and commitment to our clients.

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