Todd Linde

About Me

& My Personal Commitment to Service

Putting others’ needs before my own is my personal lifetime guiding principle. Being unselfish and proactive in making those around me satisfied and happy is my model for living. I live my life according to the quote, “Forget yourself and go to work”. As I abide by these principles and ideas, I have found my true calling and personal happiness. There is no crystal ball to show you exactly how you will have the opportunity to positively impact others. One of my most impactful experiences happened over 20 years ago as I was serving as a Boy Scout leader. There was a young man who I knew I needed to mentor, teach and be-friend. We created a strong bond over the years we spent together. Recently, I reconnected with him via social media and found that his life had gone in a truly positive direction. We had a chance to speak and he let me know that over the years, he has become a father of three and is doing phenomenal things in her personal and professional life. He thanked me for being a positive influence in his life all those years ago. Hearing those words warmed my heart and made me grateful for the time we had spent together. That served as a reminder that I should always look for ways to uplift and support others.


Board of Directors, Treasurer at Washington Square
Volunteer/Contributor – Assistance League of Phoenix / Operation School Bell
Volunteer – Boy Scouts of America
Volunteer – The Salvation Army


Salvation Army
Assistance League of Phoenix
Arizona Legal Administrators
Scottsdale Economic Council

My "Why Keyser"

I joined Keyser because of our focus on service. We put the client first, focus on teamwork, fun & personal impact. We work hard and play hard, and that is how I believe a well-lived life should be lived. The Keyser belief system is an extension of my personal philosophy of life. It is a blessing to be able to be myself at home and at work.

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