Ty Brewster


About Me

& My Personal Commitment to Service

My personal commitment to service comes from the example provided to me by my Father. Kim Brewster was a school teacher and theater director with a tireless work ethic and endless energy for supporting his “kids.” He considered his “kids” to be any youth that he taught, directed or raised. He showed me that “kids” learn of your dedication to them through your actions and not your words. Youth can see beyond your words and look right into your heart and see your commitment level to them on an individual basis. What you saw with Kim Brewster was a man who earned a teachers salary and worked late into the evenings building the character of every youth he mentored. That level of service cannot be feigned and only comes from true dedication to a cause that is higher than you. Those who choose to work with me will see that same dedication from day one.


Arizona State University Bachelor of Science in Finance
Charles Schwab Excellence in Service Annual Recipient – 2005, 2007
Licensed Real Estate Agent
Series 7 & 63 – NASD
Oracle DBA Certification


International Council of Shopping Centers
International Franchise Association

My "Why Keyser"

The greatest draw for me to align myself with Keyser has been our endless dedication to selfless service. I learned early in life that service was the path to happiness and I have now found that same dedication in Keyser. A few words into any conversation with a team member at Keyser will always produce an offer to serve. It is this call to action that has resonated with me and continues to motivate me to strive each day to serve my clients to the very best of my capacity.

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