We are one team with a culture centered around service. To Keyser, service is not just about professional values of how we can help someone to negotiate commercial real estate lease—it goes deeper than that. We make it our mission to have an impact not just on our client’s business, but also their lives, friends, and family. The goal for every person here at Keyser is to serve genuinely and be able to detach themselves from the typical mindset of ‘what’s in it for me’. When you have a whole culture that buys into the mission of serving others, it becomes so much more than just a business, it becomes a movement.

We’ve established a new way to achieve success in business—you don’t have to be ruthless to win. Time and time again, we’ve demonstrated the success in this mindset. Regardless of the end goals, every person on the Keyser team believes that if you’re doing business the right way, success will come to you.

Together we are more successful than we would be on our own, which is why when you partner with or hire Keyser, you don’t just get one person, you get the whole team. We are all invested in the success of those who are around us, not just as entrepreneurs, but as humans.

We are consumed by the pursuit of personal and professional alignment to each of these principles; for we know that by doing so, we create extraordinary success for our clients and partners, and within our own lives.

Keyser’s Core Operating Principles

Selflessly Serve Others

We SERVE our clients, partners, and each other fully, selflessly and completely and only involve ourselves in projects, activities and conversations that can truly add value to another individual. We are known by one word….SERVICE…and we live the statement: “It’s not about me.”

outwork the competition

We outwork our competition and win as a result. We work relentlessly, tirelessly, and passionately towards our cause and do not allow ourselves to be distracted, discouraged, or deterred from our mission by ANYTHING, no matter how enticing it may appear.

take bold action, embrace mistakes

We encourage bold action and are not afraid of making a mistake. We never punish mistakes, but rather embrace them because to fear mistakes makes a person timid, and keeps them out of bold, fearless, massive action which is precisely where value is created.

exceed client expectations

We always do our best, and produce more than our clients request or expect every single time. We provide the highest quality service, materials, and deliverables to our clients and partners, and nothing is ever done halfway. Everything is done to the very best of our potential.

expect to win by being the best

We expect to win every single time. Period. We do this because we think and act as we truly are— the best in the business. No one delivers better service or representation than our team. We are the BEST and we honor ourselves, our partners and our clients by being and doing our best.

be one team

We are one team, and each person plays an integral role. Together we are more successful than we would be on our own, and we honor the importance of everyone’s contribution. We each serve a critical team function, and no team member is superior to another.

give first

We give first, fully and exuberantly, knowing that if we focus on giving and truly seeking opportunities to help others in real, tangible ways, then we experience true joy and fulfillment in our own lives, and as a side benefit, we experience resounding success as well.

be your word

We always follow through with the commitments we make…ALWAYS. People can rely on us because we do what we say we will do, and when we see that we cannot, we quickly clean it up. We are our word, and as a result, what we speak into existence actually occurs for us.

have fun

We have fun with what we do, and with the members of the team. This is a mission we are thrilled to be a part of, and we won’t take on a client unless it will be fun for everyone. Nothing is worth sacrificing our happiness over, and so we are lighthearted and playful in all we do.

increase awareness of yourself through self-improvement

We invest in our own self-improvement, always striving for greater awareness of ourselves, for we know that as we align with our true identity and remain focused on our purpose that the power within us will manifest and create our highest potential.

treat people like your family

We are a family, and always protect and serve each other. In love, we hold each other accountable through authentic, honest, and kind discussion. We are fiercely loyal to each other, and we love and care for each member of the team at all times simply because they are family.

be coachable

We are 100% coachable. We do not resist feedback, we are never defensive, and we look deep within ourselves to identify where “criticism” could be even partially true. We find great value in the perspective of others and are fully committed to the consensus of the team.

be 100 percent present

We are 100% present in all that we do. We commit all of our mental energy to what we’re creating and do not allow ourselves to be distracted by anything (technology, other people, or our own thoughts). We are fully present, and thus maximize every action and interaction.

Care for yourself with exercise and proper nutrition

We are strong, healthy and fit. We value and respect our bodies with regular exercise and proper nutrition, knowing it increases productivity, confidence and our ability to be of service. We care for ourselves, and as a result, discipline flows into every aspect of our lives.

be disruptive and embrace change

We are disruptive, we embrace change, and we are forward thinking in all that we do. We continuously explore and integrate new tools and innovations, with the goal of maximizing personal efficiency and providing best-in-class service to each and every client.


Getting involved and being of service in the community is foundational to our business model at Keyser, and we encourage all of our members to give of their time and resources to help municipal, business, civic, community non-profit, and other worthwhile organizations. Below are a few of the organizations we support and are involved in.

What Our EMPLOYEES are Saying

Keyser Culture
“I created Keyser to train and teach people how to selflessly serve clients and the community — and then inspire and empower them to teach others how to do the same. This just isn’t another real estate advisory firm. This is a firm intent upon changing the world, one act of service at a time.”
– Jonathan Keyser
Devote Your Career to Selfless Service