Tanga Office Space + Culture

To highlight the effects a great office space can have on culture and productivity, Keyser is shining the spotlight on organizations who place a high priority on their company culture. Today’s feature is on Tanga, a small, yet rapidly growing company that offers daily sales & weekly specials.

Tanga Front Desk
Tanga started out in a garage, not because it would make for a nice story about humble beginnings, but because the company was literally trapped in a garage. Both doors were jammed. The whole structure was encased in concrete. The only way out required MacGyver-esque heroics.

Today, Tanga has moved into an upbeat, enlightening headquarters based in Chandler, Arizona. Carefully developed common areas help foster an open, sharing, almost communal environment that represent the quirky-fun personality of the company. Movie posters line the walls to remind employees of what they’re working on, listing the company’s current projects as “Coming Soon” and recently completed initiatives as “Now Showing.” The beloved Tanga cowbell celebrates great sales or wonderful customer testimonials. People are stationed comfortably close together, working closely as teams, allowing Tanga to maximize the space as they expand and grow quickly. 

In this post, we’ll highlight some of the unique aspects of the Tanga culture, as well as showcase their high energy HQ.

Tanga Reception Room

Tanga Movie Poster Area

Tanga Meeting Area

Tanga Office

Tanga Corner Office
Tanga selected vibrant colors throughout the building to match the energy of the company.

Tanga Conference Room
Tanga believes that creating great products and finding amazing deals for customers is fun.

Tanga Bench Area
Tanga carefully developed common areas to be used heavily for creative collaboration, including tons of walls to write on.

Tanga IT Department

Tanga White Wall
Tanga recently told their customers of their move to a bigger space and sent top customers pre-paid shipping labels to help them decorate by sending them anything (truly anything) that they felt represents Tanga.

Tanga Kitchen

Tanga Game Room Hoop

Tanga Photography Studio
Tanga Photography Studio, where photographers photograph their products.

Tanga Baby Picture Wall
Tanga makes sure to involve employees in all things that they do. A few of the unique things they do is put employee’s baby pictures on the wall, create movie posters to show what projects the company is working on, include all employees names on each movie poster, and last year, flew all employees and their families to Disneyland.

Tanga Movie Poster Credits

Tanga Mantra

Tanga Meme Wall
One of Tanga’s values is “I Will Not Pee On The Toilet Seat.” Tanga’s CEO and owner is obsessed with keeping the toilet clean. So naturally, Tanga employees started a meme wall devoted to the obsession.

Tanga Mascot Bathing in Banana Bucks

Tanga Work Area Tanga Disneyland Trip

Tanga Cowbell
The Cowbell is a SACRED and TIMELESS treasure to Tanga and should in no way be used for anything other than ringing in awesome news!

Tanga Reception

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