Uber vs Lyft: Comparing Office Space

uber vs lyft

Uber vs Lyft. It’s one of the most heated rivalries in business.

Both companies compete for customers in the car-hailing space. No questions there. What’s often overlooked is that both companies are headquartered in San Francisco and are competing against each other for talent – which has led both companies to invest heavily in office space and culture to attract the best.

In this post, we compare Uber and Lyft’s office spaces, and leave it up to you to decide which office and culture you would rather be a part of.


First impressions last a lifetime.

The moment a potential client, candidate, or vendor walks through your doors is the moment where judgements are made.

Is this a company I could do business with?

Is this a company I could work for?

Needless to say, your reception area says a lot about your company. Which reception area gives you a good feeling…Uber or Lyft?
lyft vs uber reception area


Uber has wide hallways, and Lyft has a secret hallway that leads through a picture of Willy Wonka.
uber vs lyft hallway factor


With Uber’s breakroom and kitchen featured on top, and Lyft’s area featured on bottom, where would you rather have lunch?
uber vs lyft break room kitchen area


(Top) Would you rather lounge out in Uber’s wide and expansive common area, or have a cup of coffee and relax on the couch at Lyft?
uber vs lyft common areas


Because culture is directly impacted by office space, we’ll end our Uber vs Lyft post with a few images that capture the spirit of both companies. When viewing these photos, think about who both Uber and Lyft are trying to attract as clients and employees. Then, think about your office space and how your setup attracts the right people.

Which company would you rather be a part of?


Uber Conference Room

Uber Office Space in San Francisco

Uber Culture


Lyft Secret Library

Stacy Speer Lyft

Lyft Pink Mustache

Photo Credits: eoffice, Lea Suzuki


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